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    Launching in the holidays a good idea?

    Hi, I have been wondering if launching a campaign for charity during the Christmas holidays is a good idea? To tap into the "generosity" feeling in the festive season. Has anyone got any experience in this field or seen it work ?

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    I think it really depends on what you're trying to raise funds for and how much. There's probably an uptick in giving around the holidays, but if you're not a known entity you're going to be fighting for those dollars with more established NPOs. If that's the case your voice might be heard better when the others are talking a little less.

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    I came here to ask this same question. I'm thinking of launching my campaign next month for The Naked Game (thread) but I'm torn. I can imagine two possibilities:
    1. People are looking online for gifts, so may be more likely to click over to our Kickstarter when we advertise it on target websites.
    2. People will hold off on pledging because they only have so much money to spend during the season and know the game won't ship until after Christmas. (Nevermind that they won't actually be charged right away.)

    I've done tons of research and the little I have seen about timing had said any time of the year is fine, but I still have my doubts.
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    I don't really have much experience on that but it really a good idea and but i know they are some platforms that will help you raise something for charity for this Christmas.

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    Yes, it is a time for giving! Especially charity!

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    Unless you can provide your campaign rewards by Christmas, the answer is no. When people are choosing where to spend their disposable income, they're going to put their "mandatory" gift-giving ahead of contributing to a campaign where they likely won't get their reward for at least several months, if not longer.

    And as someone who is contributed to a lot of campaigns, I'm always wary when a project promises delivery by Christmas, as a strong majority of campaigns underestimate the amount of time it will take to actually receive/make and then ship out their rewards.

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    People at Christmas want to be a little kinder and give someone a small piece of a miracle, so this is a good idea

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    I dont think its a good idea as everyone would be spending time with family and loved once, so wouldn`t really check internet a lot.

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    It is generally a bad idea, which is why you hardly see any projects raise amounts during the holidays. During december there are hardly ever any projects live on kickstarter.

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