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    Should schools and/or teachers use crowdfunding to raise $ for classrooms?
    What do you thing guys, is there any chance for such crowdfunding?

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    I think in general it would be a great way for schools to receive extra funding. Here is another article which explains:
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    Well, I think it's a good approach to work. If they need something at school and they don't have sufficient funding, they can earn money by crowdfunding.

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    I personally think yes they can but only if the school provide tangible reasons for the funding.

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    Yes, it is a great approach to raise some funding for crowdfunding campaign and schools can easily collect some money.

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    yes, i believe they should!

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    Definitely, especially if the focus is on education systems without much support and money, where crowd funding can really help people in need. Kickstarter has expressed how much they support these kind of campaigns.

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    Yes, education system leaves much to be desired

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    Yes, Education crowdfunding will help you to student and University or Schools.

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