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    How important are family and friends for a crowdfunding project?

    Hi everyone from Crete! We are launching our crowdfunding campaign for two weeks and there is no activity yet. We are wondering if this is happening because we don't have family or friends to support us on the beginning. Is this a serious fact which determines the final result of the campaign? Or can we overcome it by doing paid promotion on social media? We believe on our project, we offer quality services and interesting activities and the most important we respect people and the enviroment. We are on the beginning, please take a look at our campaign here and write your opinion to us. We renweded our perks. The advertisement budjet is limited. So every help is welcomed and every advice and of course every lovely donation! You are our family, friends, relatives, you are everything to us now!
    Thank you very much!

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    I think that friends and family is one of the most important things for an initial launch. People are statistically less likely to support a campaign that has no money already in it, which is why it's important to reach out to personal connections and start out with a bang.

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    to say more, your friends also have another friends and they can ask them to help you too

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    I agree with jzeller. I think that's a big reason why most articles with tips on how to have a successful crowdfunded fundraiser suggest reaching out to family and friends first. It also helps with legitimizing the fundraiser, in my opinion, as once family and friends have started donating because they are supportive of the cause others can see that and will be more willing to support your fundraiser.

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    THis is good advice, This is probably why my fundraiser has not been gaining traction as well.

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    Telling your campaign to a large number of people is the most difficult task you will face in crowdfunding. Ideally, the promoters should be people who themselves have invested in your project and are counting on its success. It is also desirable to attract friends and family: together you can talk about the project in social networks

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    Family and friends has a big effect on Kickstarter, provided that you have a good relationship with them. When you do, they are willing to help enhance your Kickstarter by backing you.

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    Dear friends,
    Thank you all very much for your response. I appreciated a lot. Unfortunately here in Greece the 95% of people don't even know what crowdfunding is from one site and from the other they are facing many problems due to economical crisis. So they can't support my project even if they wanted to do it. But we are stuborn and we don't give up, because we believe that we have done an excillent job and Asterionas Cretan House is really a very promising project and desires to give a lot at the field of tourism and hospitality. For the new viewers you can visit our Indiegogo campaign here, . We believe in you and we have plenty of time.
    We wish to every campaigner good luck!
    Thank you very much,

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    Good luck, Hara

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    Hi Hara - friends and family pledges are important for the reasons outlined above, but sufficient marketing, promotion, advertising and publicity are the key elements to successful campaigns.

    Your IndieGoGo campaign page is great - very compelling. So is your house - clean and beautiful - you're a good housekeeper.

    I think your campaign is too ambitious for your first project and you're offering too many perks. Also, many of them are too expensive.

    Several ideas:

    - In the beginning make your perks weekend get-away's.
    - Can you tie into a travel agent & include your weekenders into one of their travel packages?
    - Have you registered with AirBnB ?
    - Even tho your perks are desirable, I don't see people pledging to remodel your house. You might tie the campaign into a charity of some sort or perhaps upgrading your olive tree orchard.

    Very best of luck,

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