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    Is well known the theory of the three Fs, which applies not only in crowdfunding, but also when looking for funding to launch any business or project. According to this theory (if we can call it that way), the first round of funding is borne by the nearest persons or social circles of the person seeking funds. Thus, the three Fs correspond with Family, Friends and Fools.

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    Definitely seconding a lot of what is in this thread, but if you can't get your own friends and family to believe in your idea and back you with their dollars, going to be difficult to get the rest of the public to buy in as well.

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    its extremely important. Better to reach out to family members individually

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    to say more, your friends also have another friends and they can ask them to help you too

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    They are important for start...then other donators will release that your campaign is good place to invest money.

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    Good luck, Hara

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    I agree with the people above, family and friends will play an important role in putting money 'first' so others can follow as they see the project raising funds thus having more confidence it will be funded and delivered.

    The only downside is that if you do get the majority of the funds from family and friends you have a smaller 'community' of people around your product/service that you crowdfunded which in some situations is not a good thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ASTERIONAS CRETAN HOUSE View Post
    Hi everyone from Crete! We are launching our crowdfunding campaign for two weeks and there is no activity yet. We are wondering if this is happening because we don't have family or friends to support us on the beginning. Is this a serious fact which determines the final result of the campaign? Or can we overcome it by doing paid promotion on social media? We believe on our project, we offer quality services and interesting activities and the most important we respect people and the enviroment. We are on the beginning, please take a look at our campaign here and write your opinion to us. We renweded our perks. The advertisement budjet is limited. So every help is welcomed and every advice and of course every lovely donation! You are our family, friends, relatives, you are everything to us now!
    Thank you very much!
    Hi Hara, It doesn't really matter as long as if you have a good product + good promotion method.

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    For those who have experienced success with crowdfunding in the past---what are your tips?

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    It's worthless if they don't back you. But if you have a strong network pre-launch your FFF's can be very important.

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