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    [Unified4People] - Help Crystal with Medical Expenses

    Crystal is a single mother who due to her medical condition is unable to work and needs help. Please view and share her campaign at :

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    Harrowing. So sorry to hear about this. How does Unified4People work? I looked at the campaign page. I see $285 has been raised so far. Does she get to keep whatever she makes regardless as to whether the goal is reached? I sure hope so.

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    Are you open to learning how to do crowdfunding using Bitcoin. I have screenshot proof that I have received more than 1 Bitcoin and a half from a one time cost of 0.025 Bitcoin (that's about $250 USD)...and, I continue to receive donations of Bitcoin EVERY MONTH. All donations are 100% in the form of Bitcoin, direct to your Bitcoin wallet. Are you ready to see the way crowdfunding using Bitcoin works?

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