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    15 mistakes to avoid when crowdfunding

    1. Skipping marketing before you launch

    2. Thinking everyone will love your idea

    3. Not collecting email addresses ahead of time

    4. Not having a waiting list of trusted donors

    5. Only talking about what youíre making

    Too many projects just say what it is they are making, but donít connect it to the value or solution their audience wants. You must spell that out specifically in your presentation with words, visuals and video, hammering it home. Focusing on product features only doesnít cut it and reduces the likelihood that you will meet your goal. Ė John Rampton, Calendar

    6. Not communicating with pledgers

    7. Not cleaning up typos

    8. Not including videos

    9. Overpromising on things you canít deliver

    10. Offering too many options

    11. Overdoing it with hype

    12. Being greedy

    13. Not having a PR strategy

    14. Relying solely on crowdfunding

    15. Miscalculating the true costs of crowdfunding

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    What is the best way to collect the emails before the project has launched?
    How much time does it take approximately to build one?

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    From a best practices perspective when it comes to setting up a crowdfunding profile:

    -Not uploading a video because of fear over production values. (Even a simple slideshow set to music will work to engage potential supporters.)
    -Not taking the time to write a compelling description of a cause/product that includes compelling pictures or graphics.
    -Not creating an online connection between an established web presence and the crowdfunding profile (people who visit a site or follow a company/organization/individual on social media should be able to easily connect to the crowdfunding campaign).
    -Not building up a supporter base for the product before starting the crowdfunding campaign. (Crowdfunding succeeds when supporters recruit new supporters; they have to be passionate enough about the cause/product to spread the word.)

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    This is very helpful, thank you! It's all about avoiding these mistakes.

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    I can't agree with this more, especially the bit about miscalculating the true costs.

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    thank you for the info!

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