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    What HAPPENED? 25% funded on first day, NOTHING Since Then!

    Hi Everyone,

    We are high school students who want to help improve our community. We identified the issue of back pain for students wearing backpacks, and wanted to create a device that can solve this problem.

    Two weeks ago, we first launched our idea on Kickstarter and received a lot of feedback and support. However, we haven't been able to get any backers ever since. NONE!

    Could you guys please give us some suggestions on how we can advertise and improve our Kickstarter page? Additional support would also be hugely appreciated! Thank you so much!!


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    Surprise surprise, did you think you just had to hit launch on kickstarter and that would give you all the backers you need? There is a little thing called "marketing" that you have to do in order to have a successful campaign. People don't just login to kickstarter and go looking for projects to back. You have to do PR, Advertisement, or some other form of marketing.

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