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    Lightbulb Crowdfunding Research

    I was just wondering if you think you would need research on any equity crowdfunding projects.

    I was going through many campaigns today and I realised that there is luck of transparency and information in many of them.

    Do you think it would be useful to have a document that explains further the opportunities and risks and maybe give you some comparable transactions etc?

    Would you be willing to pay for a research report like this one (if so, what is the max amount your would spend)?


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    Yes, I would be willing to pay

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    It would be very necessary to have a documents that explains further the opportunities and the risk involve, and I think yes people would be interested to pay for such insight but it should not be that costly.

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    Yes - at this early stage the more research and info the better. Here's a good book on the subject:

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    Yes a risk assessment document would be very helpful - please provide there here and we will review.

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