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    Lightbulb Ultracompact, highly portable, reusable and eco-friendly alternative to paper cup

    We aim to transform today’s dreams into reality tomorrow.
    Because we care about our future generation.

    Did you know that paper cup used on a daily basis is almost not recyclable?
    And that it is wasting our valuable resources (water and forests) and polluting our planet.

    On top of that, it possesses cancerogenic hazard because it is coated with plastic (polyethelene) to make it waterproof.

    Using our extensive knowledge and passion for innovation and green technology we came up with a simple yet elegant solution to the problem of recycling paper cups.
    Our solution (US patent pending) is to separate the waterproof layer from the structural frame making two-piece container consisting of flexible insert (we call it GreenSert) and firm holder (we call it RecyClad).
    Thus, we were able to optimize and maximize the desired properties for each part.
    In turn, it allowed the container to be lightweight, compact, and highly portable.

    Compared with paper cup, our design is superior with respect to chemical resistance and thermomechanical properties.
    Most importantly, it is reusable, recyclable, completely safe, easy to clean, weights only 18 grams,
    ultracompact, and highly portable, so you can carry it in your pocket.
    Feel free to use it for your advantage to get the discount in participating stores for bringing reusable container!

    We stand behind our products and services with confidence, and we also believe in investing to the US economy. Our commitment and goal is to provide top quality products that will meet or exceed your expectations. Therefore, we partnered only with the US manufacturers.

    Our kickstarter campaign is live, and we need your support to bring our vision to life!
    For just $9 you can get your own GreenSert and start saving on regular coffee and our planet!
    Please feel free to contact us here or at if you have ANY questions, comments or suggestions!
    Together, let's make the world a better place!

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    Good luck!

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    Love this idea! Good luck!

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