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    Best way for finding a US Partner (for my 1st KS campaing)?

    Hi, Everyone.

    I'm an Inventor and Engineer, I've a Patented Idea I want to start commercializing thru Kickstarter, IndieGoGo etc.

    I've spent a lot of time and resources on "invention search" related services, enough to understand to avoid them, I'm done with them (also with fake partnership sponsored by rivals to freeze my IP).

    My invention has lots of embodiment, few of them dont require a full industrial setup to be mass manufactured, I want to focus on one of them with a Billion Dollar a Year Market (upto 100MM units market at 10-40$ each as mean every year, MFR cost is less than 2-8 US$, customers use to order 2-4 depend on the size).

    I'm not US resident, neither I live in the US, this is why I'm looking for a established US partner with proven KS experience and in knowledge on how to distribute consumer products to potentially thousands customers/retailers (initially KS, then retailers, amazon etc).

    My US Partner has to handle all the related work to promotion, product presentation, and things related to its mass-manufacture (indeed very easy to manufacture).

    I provide, licensing, Engineering services related to my Patented Invention.

    My product is to be in use inside personal computers (a mandatory component for Performance Systems), its easy to manufacture since implies only a new component replacing one very common and mature component, it can be manufacture by classic plastic modeling, outperforms any previous device, while adds an unique new -advanced look to the system component it replaces,

    Please tell me if here is the right place to find a KS Partner ? or where I can find some one interested (with enough KS background).

    Notte, I'll provide more details only to qualified partner prospects.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestion or comments about potential partnership.

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    Sounds interesting. Your best bet is probably to find someone relevant - they don't have to be particularly associated with kickstarter. If you've got a great product, you could probably persuade a crowdfunding marketing agency to take a risk on you.

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