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    Just launched on Crowdcube my green energy project

    Hi All, i am new to the forum so bear with me if i am off protocol at all.

    Anyway, i've just launched my novel tidal and river flow generation system on crowdcube.

    i am at the moment a one man band looking to expand if we can get the funding.

    any advice and help greatly appreciated and if you want to be part of the project, i am open to discuss ways forward.

    massive potential system with some really neat spin offs into internal combustion engines and similar systems.

    the novelty of my system is the mechanism used to convert the energy to electricity being very efficient.


    Geoff Bye
    UK Power engineering Ltd.

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    This post has been moved to the Creative Projects - Rewards-Based Crowdfunding section.

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    Green energy project is always popular.
    Good luck dude.

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    Hi Geoff, I couldn't find your river flow generation system listing on CrowdCube.

    I have a project with great potential that I'd like to list on CrowdCube, but apparently listings must be for UK companies. It looks like your project meets that requirement.

    I'm based in the U.S. so evidently don't qualify to list on CrowdCube, so I was wondering if you might be interested in joining with me to list my listing. I have an Executive Summary which I'll be glad to send to you.

    If interested please email or text me directly.

    Best regards,

    Earl Brown
    Santa Barbara, CA USA

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