Hoover "Huffin' Puffin'" Wilson is an English Bulldog who is now 15 years old. Yes! I know, I am lucky! I got Hoover when he was only 6 weeks old therefore he is has been by my side for basically my entire life. We have spent countless life landmarks together. To date, he has been through a lot with three different surgeries regarding a recurring cancerous lipoma. He is a warrior and a family inspiration at this point. I feel it is my duty to reach out further so he gets what he deserves to extend his life. To date he has accumulated around 5K worth of out of pocket surgical bills alone regarding this one single issue.

He is doing well now at the very moment, but the lipoma has come back to haunt us once again unfortunately. Currently, he is very active for his age and is ready to keep on trucking on but the finances are are draining the banking account quickly, with another expensive surgery on the way quoted at $2,200 to remove the lipoma so it doesnt hinder his movement and have to be put to sleep he needs some assistance and any penny helps with this next one. A simple dollar donation could add up to be all that is needed to extend his life.

I have never reached out and done anything such as this before (due to self pride, I suppose), but I must drop that now, as he is my best friend and I must know that all options have been taken by me to make this happen for him before things go south.

♡ In advance, thank you as it means more to me than you will ever know. All progress after his surgery will of course be sent out to all to each and every person for the donation. $1 will simply help to the cause or simply spreading the link to others!

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Thank you!