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    Kickstarter campaign is starting off very slow

    I have just started my first ever kickstarter campaign 5 days ago and it is starting off extremely slow. I have only raised 4% of my funds and am currently using 2 different marketing services ( and another marketer for fiverr called giovannibe who has had great reviews on other forums) I'm currently $549 in the whole after paying for marketing services and haven't seen much change yet. Is it too early for me to tell if this campaign will fail or am i right for being worried? Also, what other marketing services are shown to have a goof ROI.

    here is my campaign

    Before people start to bring up reaching out to friends and family, i have reached out. I don't have much family that I keep in contact with and i have only had a couple of friends actually help support. Ill keep sending out messages and posting on my social media, but I think I need another alternative besides relying on friends and family.

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    maybe you can ask your colleagues for help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liza View Post
    maybe you can ask your colleagues for help?
    I can do that too. I think talking to people in person might help too.

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    Yes, I think so too

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    You should promote your crowdfunding in social media more and more to get an audience.

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    Aww, 3 days to go, 80% funded. Almost there and best of luck!

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    Best of luck yeah, I see that you don't need more money. I don't know what people do in this case: instead of receiving nothing, wouldn't it be better to invest your own money to go from 80% to 100% so you at least get those 80% (less the taxes) ?

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