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    My First Big Game

    Hey Guys

    Matthew Cintron Leader of Project Crypt at endless void studios here I've been working in game dev doing freelance work and teaching at a few collages for several years now while i also did scientific based bioinformatics programming for several major company's. A little while back i banded together with some of my indie dev groups and other computer science professionals and had them help me build a new project called Crypt. We started about three years ago now we have become a full game design company called Endless Void Studios and we are finally ready to launch into steam. the last step is raising money to build the final features of the game but mainly to pay the licence fees for steam. Its a honor to finally be able to show this to the world so if you have an interest or would like to know more about our company check out the page here.


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    play geam is fun especially in the time again tired denagnkesibukan day-day

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    Good luck with your campaign

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