Hi everyone,

First of all I wanted to thank you for checking out this thread and I hope you'll take a step further and click on the link for my Indiegogo camaign to read my full story.


After a LOT of dreaming, a LOT of talking, researching, reading and meeting of the minds with professionals in the industry and of course my amazing husbands support...I have decided that I am going to follow my dreams and take a leap. I am currently the owner of a wonderful mare who I found out after she came into my life, that she is the daughter of a famous racehorse. Her age is getting up there and I realized I wouldn't know what to do if I lost her. I decided I wanted to breed her and help her raise her foal so that I would always have a part of her with me. Then I realized that I wouldn't do her or her sire any favours by breeding her to just any stallion. I knew I had to help carry the legacy her father started and find just the right match. All of my research has led me to the right one, but I only have 2 months to raise the $5000 for the breeding rights. If I can raise the money by the end of my campaign, not only will I be able to breed my mare with a stallion worthy of her bloodlines, but I will be able to see the foal run his race. I never got to see my mare run hers as she was retired after we found eachother.

I would greatly appreciate any and all support, whether via donations or shares of my campaign.

Thank you in advance! If you share or donate, please let me know here so I can properly thank you!!


(me and my mare)

(my mare's sire - The Late Great Jate Lobell)