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    Hey guys, some of your campaigns have been added to our queue list. Also, you can submit directly here
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    Hi AaronGR!
    We recently started Indiegogo campaign!

    #1 What is your product?
    POSTWORLD is a mixture of hurricane shooter, hardcore souls-like slasher and contemplative post apocalyptic survival gameplay with a multi-path role-playing system and a non-linear plot.

    The game events take place in 2120, after a lengthy period of civilizationís gradual collapse has resulted in a nuclear war. Several factions are savagely striving for survival throughout the dead wastelands, and the player character threads his way between them, all while trying to escape from agents of the mysterious Corporation hunting his down.

    The development has been being done by a small indie studio Screwdriver Entertainment, supported by the community, for 2 years already. The game has been done for about 75% so far. All of it has taken us 2 years and approximately 20 000$.

    #2 How does it work?
    The game. You play it and get fun

    #3 Why is yours better than your competitor's?
    We feel there is a few new postapocalyptic games coming out. We want to give player hardcore postapocalyptic experience by default.

    Our Indiegogo page:

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    Hi Aaron,

    I'm currently on kickstarter trying to fund my graduate film:

    It's about an obsessed theatre director writes himself into his own story, to form a relationship with his own written character.

    The reason we're telling this story is influenced by the Me Too and Time's Up movements, as we're exploring the power dynamics in the industry and how damaging they can be.

    I think that adds a unique and thought provoking element to the film, and this would be a great place to make some social commentary on the industry that nobody seems to be doing outside of Twitter.

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