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    Cool I am a freelancer on fiverr and helping crowdfunding projects by making promo videos

    I am a freelancer on various platforms and i am creating awesome crowdfunding videos for crowdfunding campaigns. I have created 1000+ animated, whiteboard and promo videos for many campaigns. I am from India and i love graphic designs.
    Regardless if you are crowdfunding the world’s next gadget on Kickstarter, Indiegogo,
    your cause on GoFundMe or a web series on Tubestart: A Great Pitch Video

    If your crowdfunding campaign lives on a crowdfunding portal, then the campaign video is your front door.
    I will create that emotional bond with your crowd by telling them about you and your project. Give them a reason to like you and choose your campaign, idea or cause.

    Hundreds of thousands of crowdfunding campaigns out there are fighting for attention and funding. You know your idea is great, you have the vision in your head and you know who you are, but does your crowd know all this?

    So Keep It Visually Interesting and use a professional crowdfunding video.
    Thanks for your time.
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    Halllo, nice to meet you.

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