Hi All,

After more than 3 years of development, we have now launched the world’s most functional smartphone holder on Kickstarter. Click HERE to experience the feature-packed gadget that did not exist till today.

A simple yet practical tool, KlipAL is a modular, multi-functional smartphone holder that combines quality and versatility. It is designed with everyone in mind by integrating universal fitment and future-proofed features. The design philosophy is to deliver exceptional adjustability to adapt to everyday activities and enhance user experience. Our vision is to create The Ultimate Smartphone Companion, serving as your forever companion.

Be an early adopter and get yourself one at a very special price. Don’t miss out on the limited Early Bird reward which ends on the 11th Feb (Sunday), 1159pm London time.

If you find this product fresh and interesting, please share the campaign with your family and friends to help bring this innovation to life.

Many thanks.

Creator of KlipAL