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    Help 2 disabled for the price of 1

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    Not sure if you get that link but if not i lost the use of my legs in September and it has become increasingly difficult to perform daily tasks with the standard wheelchair the nursing home provided. I desperately need a power chair. Medicaid is going to take about 6 months to go through but when it does i will donate mine to a stroke vitim here who needs one. Contact me directly @ 443-822-4245 or tgrough the nursing home @ 410-267-8653 ask for me mark mata.

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    Kindly bear with me on my intrusion into your post.
    We deicided to start a fundrising and talking to people becuse We need help to save as many lives as we can .
    There is a health catastrophie in my country, and we need help. so I would like to invite you to see this link : ...
    We want to survive to this holocaust somehow...
    You can help by donating in the link below
    No matter how little the donation is but, if you would share our couse to some people of good heart. It would help too

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