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    New crowdfundig project from freldo

    Hello, community!

    We are Freldo Team and we came up here to share our crowdfunding campaign with you.

    Freldo – is a new business social network that actually solves people’s daily problems.

    The idea of new social network came about 10 years ago. Our team was influenced by problem which we met every day - when we were looking for plumber, electrician or mechanic. We all need huge number of specialist to solve our problems, and we often spend enormous amount of time and money to find a real pro to solve them.

    We all know that the best way to find good service is the word of mouth. Opinion of close friends means a lot for every person.

    Freldo Team built a business network that fully complies with the principles of word of mouth where every user will see only true comments from only close friends about the business. Comments that customers leave about service providers give them reward – real money.

    Every business has its own page, what completely simplifies the advertising process, business does not need to invest in promotion.

    Now Freldo Team launching Kickstarter campaign. The goal is fundraising for developing of Freldo Mobile App. Now network has only desktop version. As more and more people prefer to use smartphones for various social networks, Freldo team is now ready to start developing of mobile app for its users. Our team want to do their best for users and friends. We want to become better ourselves and please our friends. After all, Freldo, the name of the network, comes from the word Friend.

    Now, we need your support to make campaign successful. Each donation will help us to bring idea of mobile app to realty.

    If you have no opportunity to donate, we will be grateful for sharing our campaign in your social accounts, blogs and forums.

    Thank you!

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