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Thread: A call for help

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    A call for help

    We are people from Venezuela looking for help
    It is well known the Situation we Venezuelan peple are living.
    We make extensive this invitation for every one that could bring us Any way of help
    Our country has been kidnapped by the most catastophic goverment. We can not match it with Any other tirany
    We deicided to start a fundrising and talking to people becuse We need help to save as many lives as we can .
    There is a health catastrophie in my country, and we need help. so I would like to invite you to see this link : ...
    We want to survive to this holocaust somehow...
    You can help by donating in the link below
    No matter how little the donation is but, if you would share our couse to some people of good heart. It would help too
    Thank you

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