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    Kickstarting a coop magic colony building game!

    We need help with getting our pc coop adventure / colony building game - kickstarter going!

    It is a tough world and we don't need a lot of money. Our team has the skills, just no money for tools, licences and general overhead. This is why we need some funding, to keep our production going!

    The game is all about coop, adventure and having fun. It sounds tacky, but we really want to build a game that you can properly play together with your boy/girlfriend, husband, spouse or group of friends. There are very few games that are actually really fun to play with a diverse group of people, especially games that really rely on cooperative gameplay. We have designed a game that is tailor made for coop play, with many different layers in depth of gameplay.

    you can check it out here, for more information about the game:

    Some feedback on our sales pitch would be great too:

    It is supposed to be rather funny and catch the attention.

    Do you recognize yourself in one of these scenario's?

    - You want to play a fun, entertaining game TOGETHER with your friends/boyfriend/girlfriend/brother/sister/hamster, but cannot find a game that is fun for all of you.

    - You do not mind helping a bunch of crazy scientists create a ridiculously fun game, one that includes cute minions, a metric ton of magic, economy and colony building, scary exploration and about a bezillion things more.

    - You already have enough food, shoes, clothes and toys for your hamster and STILL haven't maxed out your creditcard this month..

    If any of these things apply to you, than you are the person we are looking for!

    Help us build a great game at and make us, yourself, your friends and hamster happy!

    Thanks guys, hope to see you soon on the comments or FAQ section of the kickstarter page! We can use any and all traffic, even if you don't want to donate or buy pledges!!!

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    Sadly, it's pretty clear that this campaign will hardly get funded. From a customer standpoint, you will need to show backers something that you guys are capable of, in order for them to put trust (and money) on your project. First, create a video, maybe what you have done so far, software to use, game graphics/character, show your team on camera and explain about the overall project idea.
    Anyway, Best of luck!

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