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    The GoKey - Campaign goal: $40,000 - Funded $1.2 M, and it was a Failure!

    Here's the thread on the GoKey - an IndieGoGo campaign with a $40k goal that funded $1.2 million dollars: With a $40k funding goal and $1.2M in pledges you can see why everyone was so congratulatory!

    Here's the Story on the GoKey:

    a) It was only an idea / prototype
    b) You need a different version for each device.
    c) The battery is only 400 mAh
    d) It doesn't have a flashlight
    e) It's too big for your keyring
    f) It's expensive
    g) Lots of negative Comments
    h) Foreign project creators
    i) Their battery charge lasts 'for weeks.'

    Wanna see what the backers thought of this gig? Here's typical: "F**K you Doros" (The project leader).

    Here's a good article by CrowdFundInsider spelling out everything that went wrong with this campaign:

    "Crowdfunding Failure: GOKey Creator Looks at Bankruptcy after Raising $1.2 Million on IndieGoG"

    Here's a campaign I'll be launching soon with my product called the Jumper Card - many of the same features but far superior to the GoKey: The difference is I'm having it already produced and its been reviewed and approved by some of the top tech pros.

    This post will probably be moved like so many others for some stupid reason which is why I seldom now contribute to this forum.
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    Hi Tango, Yes GoKey has failed. I am wondering are you one of the backers?
    By the way, good luck with your project, looking forward to see your project live!
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