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    Help Regina King go to college

    Hello, my name is Regina King I am 18 years old and I live in Venezuela. Since I was a little girl I have always had big dreams, unfortunately, none of those available here; sometimes I feel as if I just have to let myself go and settle for whatever life gives me, but immediately I retract because who would I be if I just settle for crumbs? What would become of me if I start being conformist? In these moments of my life when it seems that everything goes wrong, when all my plans fall apart when there is not a shred of hope, it is at these moments that I am sure that many people would have already surrendered, but not me.

    I live in a country with a poor education system and like if it is not sufficient with a currency restriction so it is impossible to me buy dollars and pay for tuition and expenses abroad. I live with my mom and my brother; my mom is the only who cover the expenses of my house, because my brother is still at the university and, I am not a college graduated so my brother and I canít help my mother with the expenses right now; thanks to God they support me but the salary of my mom is not sufficient to cover my education abroad. I really want to study in a good university and is this determination, this need to work a successful future for me, these same inexplicable desires to fight because I know that I am able to completely change my life, are the ones that have led me to write this.

    I graduated in July of last year from high school, I was the one who said the commencement speech and I graduated with honors with a GPA of 4.6; from that time until now I've been looking for different ways to fulfill my dreams; I have worked on internet but I have obtained neither a dollar, I even made and sold donuts with the object to save money to the university, it was a prosperous business but lamentably with this crisis I was not able to carry on and my donuts business went bankrupt because of the crisis we are living. But that does not affect me, because I know if one door is closed there are thousands open.

    How may you help me?

    Unfortunately, my economic possibilities prevent me from buying dollars at the parallel price in my country, so you can contribute to my education, the goal is estimated to a year including tuition, room and, supplies. Thank you.

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    Hey Regina!
    I Wish you all the Luck for your Campaign. I know how hard it is working, trying to raise funds for tuition fees. I am in the same situation.
    I really wish you to fulfill your Dreams and they really will someday!
    All the best.
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    With education unfortunately everywhere difficulties

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    Hello, my name is Regina King I am 18 years old and I live in Venezuela.

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