Hi Everyone,

We are now into the last 7 days of our campaign. Although we have already reached our funding goal, we are still aiming higher so that we can develop the product even further. To boost our campaign at this very last phase, we have decided to add a new ‘Final Week Special Reward’ to boost our campaign until the very end. Check out all the features here: http://kck.st/2E5X3qx

A minimalist yet ultra-practical tool, KlipAL is a modular, multi-functional smartphone holder that combines quality and versatility. It is designed with everyone in mind by integrating universal fitment and future-proofed features. The design philosophy is to deliver exceptional adjustability to adapt to everyday activities and enhance user experience. Its integrated slot system and modular attachments complement each other intimately to provide comprehensive application in docking, browsing, photography, entertainment, in-car, gaming, tablet and communication.