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    May I introduce my Kickstarter project here?

    I have on 28.02. I started my project
    on kickstarter and saw the first days that there are very few backers.
    I did not realize before that I have to do PR. I thought that Kickstarter already works automatically.
    OK, now I have started and I would like to finish the project.
    Maybe you know companies that support you in the whole PR?
    Look at my rewards, maybe I can do something different there?
    Thank you very much for your effort.

    sorry for my bad English

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    Try some PR, and try some Facebook ads. You need to show your product to a bigger audience than just the kickstarter platform.

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    Hi all,

    My Kickstarter campaign is now live:
    BORN ARTIST - A project that will help people fall in love with art!

    This project is my attempt to make you and your loved ones fall in love with Art. Looking for backers as well as help on spreading the work about my project. Also looking for advise on how can I spread the word about this campaign. I am not looking for paid marketing services. All the reviews I've read so far indicate they are no good.



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