Hey there!
My name is Phivos Pentes. I am from Patmos and I am 19 Years Old.

There many ways someone can go forward. The only thing is that how one can take advantage of these ways.
Thankfully or not, my decision of staying in Patmos and not going to a Photography School this year, wasn't my choice but a condition that I had to face.
Now back to our topic.
I created this campaign with the intention to collect the amount of my tuition fees (or a part of it) that it will allow me to study in one of the best photography colleges in Greece.
I would appreciate it if you could browse through this campaign, its video (which I created with the help of my dearest friends), and if you want to support me you can do it either by contributing funds or by sharing this to friends and people you think are capable of helping.

Here's the campaign's Link: www.igg.me/at/PhivosDream