I've just joined because I am just over 2 weeks away from launching an Indiegogo campaign and am really excited about finding an active way to communicate through this forum. I make electric guitars in my shop in Burnham Maine. I adorn them with marquetry- handcut wood veneers that are assembled to make pictures.

I live in a home that I built in 1984 when I was 25, and just yesterday while out for a stroll with my sweetie, we walked under a tree and startled a young bald eagle who flew off with strong flapping wingbeats.

I live in a very beautiful area and have a really interesting circle of friends, but the downside is that I'm far removed from the music scene, and it's hard to get word out about what I'm doing with guitars.

I also play guitar, make art, write, collect maple sap to turn into syrup, and play as often as I can get away with on Unity Pond, my watery backyard.

Looking forward to asking dumb questions and getting wise responses!