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    Lightbulb Introducing LADYSCUMBAG: Archetype of Collective Fourth Wave Feminist Evolution


    Los Angeles, CA – LADYSCUMBAG is a femme archetype that, until now, has not
    existed in the world. Committed to finding the morsel of self-interest in every situation,
    she will transform feminine presentation, sexuality, and perceived demureness and
    incompetence into weapons of mass destruction. This shift in consciousness will allow
    women to produce their own privilege and destroy inequalities which precipitate age old
    harassment, objectification and insolence. LADYSCUMBAG, or LSB, is the fourth wave
    feminist superhero who uses misogynist beliefs to destroy the patriarchy.
    The 2016 U.S. presidential election demonstrated that the corridors of power do not
    bend easily. Women’s marches in cities around the U.S. and around the globe exhibited
    a collective rage, acting as a call for change. It is time for LADYSCUMBAG to unleash
    her superpowers to set right what has wronged so many. Within the grasp of
    LADYSCUMBAG’s reach exists both an opportunity and responsibility to model the
    ethic and economy for a more equitable, liberated, and desirable world.

    LADYSCUMBAG has a twofold mission. First, Visitor Welcome Center, an artist-run space in
    Los Angeles, will be transformed into LSB’s headquarters. Acting as maternity
    ward, this femme oriented co-working space will provide artist-led instruction in the
    feminine arts. Here, visitors can participate in daily home-ec-style classes as well as
    weekly events of import to the LSB community. In addition, in less than one month, over
    fifty contributors have already committed to provide rich content for the LSB website in
    order to create a globally accessible online community.

    Is there a need for LADYSCUMBAG in the world?
    Are there people out there who resonate with her ideals and aspirations?
    Is there a LADYSCUMBAG within all of us?
    The answer to these questions is a resounding YES! Please join this cause and help a
    village of like-minded individuals birth this baby into a sustaining creative force.

    Support for LADYSCUMBAG from our allies can take the form of:
    • Financial assistance
    • Spreading the word via social media
    • Contributing content to the website
    To learn more about LADYSCUMBAG and discover the perks of contributing toward this campaign, please visit the LSB crowdfunding drive at

    Kim Ye is an LA-based interdisciplinary artist exploring themes of labor, intimacy, taboo, sexuality and power exchange. She blends her work as a professional dominatrix and artist so as to explore the conventional, disrupt our ideas of normalcy and beauty, and
    provide a space for dialog and discussion to facilitate transformation and understanding.

    For more information, please email Kim Ye at or call/email
    Visitor Welcome Canter at 213-703-1914 or

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