My Aunt Kathy has stage 4 breast cancer. One of the many doctor's she's seen instructed her to have her teeth removed due to complications from her fillings. How much of that I believe from the doctor, I don't know. Either way, she followed his instructions just begging to be better. This now leaves her with no teeth and no ability to eat. She did not know until after all of her teeth were removed that she would need a $50,000 procedure to get implants. My aunt and cousin live in a tiny house deep in the worst parts of Hemet, CA with very little money. My aunt Kathy cannnot eat anything due to the sensitivity of her gums and lack of funds. She cannot receive any other treatments until she receives the $50,000 procedure first. We've expired all options and this is now our last resort. Please save my Aunt Kathy. She's starving and it breaks my heart seeing her and my cousin in this devastating state

Any questions please ask