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    Crowdfunding supporters/backers urgently needed for a short survey!

    Hi everyone, I'm vino. I'm a final year undergraduate and writing a really interesting dissertation on crowdfunding. Will any lovely crowdfunding supporters/backers please help me by completing my survey? It'll only take about 5 minutes or less I promise! But it'll help me so much with my research. You can also save and resume the survey at a later time if that's more convenient for you but please do complete it when you can. I can't express how grateful i will be for all the responses i can get from all of you.

    Thank you so so much & Hope you all have a lovely day!

    The link is both mobile and desktop-compatible so it's going to be easy peasy

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    Hi! I am also a student looking for investors to answer a survey for my master thesis. Here is the link for my survey

    If you are still looking for respondent (as your post is from April I think you are not) you can try to join LinkedIn investors groups.

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