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    Healthy Options Cafe Opening

    Hey everyone! My wonderful mother finally has the opportunity to open her own cafe/diner! We started a kickstarter in order to help raise some of the cost for supplies! The cafe is going to be on the main strip in Holland patent in honor of my grandfather, Poppy, who recently passed away. This has been my mom's dream since I can remember and I am incredibly excited for her! There are some great rewards to choose from to pledge! We are trying to create something new and unique. It's going to be a healthy options cafe/diner! My mom has awesome recipes to create gluten free, paleo, and sugar free goods to cater to all different types of people! We are creating this business in honor of my grandfather who recently passed away. He was a veteran marine who helped all that he could! We are looking for pledges to get us off the ground so we can become successful!

    So definitely check out the page, and let others know!

    Please share! :-)
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