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    Red face (YouCaring) Help my Grandpa rebuild his childhood home!

    Hello guys!

    I created a crowdfunding campaign to help my Grandpa rebuild his childhood home and make his dream finally come true If you would like to know more about this story, please check it out on the link below, and please consider donate if you can. The campaign will be active until his birthday on 18 December. Read a bit of the story here:

    "During the Easter period, I had the time to visit Águas with my family again and finally show it to my boyfriend for the very first time. I was pretty excited to come back! When I finally got there, I had so many mixed feelings popping up inside me: it was still my place of refuge, the smell of it – oh boy! – the smell didn’t change a bit, and damn, it was still beautiful and pure. But the streets didn’t have the old ladies whispering to each other anymore – they’ve already passed away. The traditional food was harder to find – the people who used to cook it got older and they felt weaker because their body was heavier and slower than ever before. Most of the houses lost their special gleam but kept their own history – while some of them have been rebuilt by younger folks, a lot of houses were simply destroyed by time and were actually near to just tumble down. And my Grandpa’s childhood home is, sadly, one of them."
    “When my Grandpa tells our family about his Grandmother, every word he speaks is full of love, admiration and respect. That unique sparkle in his eyes also lighted up when we all visited his childhood home, and he started telling us all the stories he lived through in that house: like that one time when a bat hit him in the face when he was returning home from work, or when it was time to go to sleep and his bedroom was simply a very small attic – it was little but it was enough. While he made us a guided tour to the house, we could see all the destruction that time and distance has caused: a lock that barely works, spider webs everywhere, tons of pieces of stone and wood that fell from the roof and the walls, stairs that are almost falling, old and non-functional furniture, divisions of the house that don’t even have floor anymore – it’s just an hole.”

    Thank you in advance Have a nice day!

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    This touched my heart

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