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    Cool Part Recycle, Part Craft with Castillo's Craftycles!

    Hi, my name is Samantha!

    I have recently started a small business with my mother taking recyclable materials and we hand craft them into different forms of decor. We create beautiful pieces of decor that we passionately craft to our customers. Each piece is always slightly different from the next, in order to give each customer a one-of-a-kind product.

    We began this business as a hobby, but once I started getting treated very unfairly at my current job, my mother and I decided to team up and transform this hobby into a business. While at my job, I was getting pushed around and at this time, I am the current provider for my family, which is why I could not quit. My car, also is an old junker car that is not very reliable. Basically, I was stuck at my job. It was until one day they pushed me too far, that I put in my notice of leaving the facility. This is when the pressure set it that my mom and I had to make this business succeed before it was too late.

    Now here we are trying to promote our business because we want to prove we can make change in the world and that we are capable of being successful business owners. We want to become so large one day that we can hire employees and really reduce the amount of pollution damaging our planet.

    We have a website,, and we also have started a kickstarter campaign called: Saving the Planet One Recycled Craft at a Time. We hope you can check us out!

    Thank you for reading our story.

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    I am also a graduating college student, the first of my family, so I do not want to let any of them down with this business.

    Please check us out!

    Kickstarter campaign:

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