There are literally thousands of cookie cutter crowdfunding platforms and not an original idea in the lot of them. So why bother? People have plenty of great platforms to choose from. It should be simple for a campaigner, donít you think? They reason, Iíll just create an amazing campaign at one of those popular crowdfunding websites and wait for the money to roll in. But wait, to their chagrin, they realize itís their job to promote it.

Crowdfunding Platforms are basically online parking lots where you park campaigns. They are not built to self-fund; until now, but more on that later. Ironically, as the founder of a new crowdfunding platform, I often ask myself how can I raise above all the noise and get noticed? Do I need to become a social media expert to get campaigners to see the benefits of posting their projects on my platform?

Unfortunately, Iím an idea man and not much of a salesman.

Hereís my pitch: First and Only Self-Funding Crowdfunding Platform. You donít need to be a social media expert to get funded. When a new member creates a campaign on our platform they will be prompted to select an existing member that will receive 3% of all funds raised. In turn, the Campaigner can now potentially receive 3% unsolicited funding seeds from subsequent new members. Our approach is to give our members the opportunity to become both a donor and a recipient.

Brilliant concept, but few campaigns. I wonder how many great ideas were trampled by all the noise. Please weigh in if you feel you too are experiencing difficulty being heard.