Hello all. I recently posted for help for my ministry to build a chapel, which I'm still working on, so any support there would be greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately I'm having to post again, this time more dire. I've suffered from severe headaches my entire life, which have recently gotten worse. I'm now suffering from them daily, which is taking a hit on my job and daily life. I recently went to the doctor to find out what was causing them, and after what seemed like endless test it was found. My head is the proud home of a tumor (I'm trying to stay positive about this and not let it get me down, so joking works!!). The doctor is recommending a round of radiation treatments to refuse the size, then surgery to remove the rest of the mass. Deep down this scares me, I've had two nieces go thru this in the past. One made a full recovery, the other had to relearn everything and everyone and still isn't the same. I'm not close to any of my family, so I don't have much support in this.

Before long this is gonna start making major affects on my life. I can work and take treatments (as long as I can anyways), but surgery will put me out of the game for an unknown period of time. I unfortunately have no savings, can't afford insurance, and make too much to get Medicaid assistance. So all the medical stuff will have to be out of pocket $$$. I've gotten a estimate of the cost already, plus I'm looking at daily expenses that will need to be covered. I'm not one to ask for help, but in this case it's my seemingly only option. I put up a GoFundMe page earlier today to raise the money needed to get thru this. Please share the link below on your social media pages and spread the word. Thank you all for reading and for your support. God Bless!!!