I built a brand new crowdfunding platform that incorporates ideas, charities, fundraising, political campaigns, disasters, medical bills, mission work, innovation and so much more. My basic idea was to take a smaller percentage for the platform or offer a prepaid month where the campaigner can keep 100% of donations minus the paypal fees. I also wanted to make sure that when a donation is made, you as the campaigner are paid instantly. If a person wants to donate, I feel that it should be your money right away. I also wanted to make it so you don't have to fill in a ton of information if you don't have it for a campaign. There is also an editable thank you that goes out to everyone that donates, which others are not doing. I have more to add to the site, like a a marketplace and vendors to help get ideas off the ground as well as an auction part for campaigners to auction off things to raise money as well.

The site is at ideabacking.com. The goal is to find easier ways to help each other. That was and always will be our mission.

Now I need to find campaigners and donors to help get my site off the ground. Any ideas would really help out.