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    Sectri City - an immigration dystopia

    Sectri City is a fictional dystopian metropolis that is divided into 3 sectors, based on immigration politics. The 1st sector is populated by rich locals, lowlifes and second generation immigrants make up the 2nd, while the 3rd is a refugee camp. Itís a cold and paranoid place where fear is the only element that binds people.

    This independent writing project is a 3-part novela series in this setting, written by Hungarian writer Daniel Kollar. It aims for a worldwide e-book launch in Fall 2018 with the first part, while the sequels come out in 2019. All episodes will be on the major distributing platforms via PublishDrive. The 1st part is halfway written as raw draft. The 2nd and 3rd has a plot.

    You can read more about it here:

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    Looks interesting- I hope you get more backers before the months up.

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    I really hope this novel will be realized! I am a BIG FAN of dystopian novels.

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    Looks interesting

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