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    Please help us put an end to over consumed plastic in a $25B industry

    Hey Crowd Funders!

    We've been live for four days and are 60%+ to goal already. The support has been awesome for this little startup trying to change an industry norm, remove friction and create better practices. Ocean plastic has become a growing problem with everything from microplastic being found in fish we eat to whales washing ashore dead from suffocating on plastic bottles, bags and containers. There are several industries contributing to this issue. One being the $25B household cleaner space. At ThreeMain we are saying 'green isn't good enough' and we need to not just look at what's in our products but how they are fulfilled and the lifestyle people want from these products. Our process today reduces that by 80% and we have set a goal to be 100% (sprayers as well) plastic free by early 2020. We also have a partner that actively spends 7 days a week out in the ocean removing plastic and cleaning shorelines. Would love your thoughts on what we could do better!!!!

    See our KS here--

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    This is a wonderful idea to help make the earth a better place! We threw out a share on Twitter, wishing you all of the luck getting funded, you look close!

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