Hi guys, I'm an aspiring 17 year-old cinematographer/director, with lots of experience under my belt I felt that before I turned 18 it would be great to make a budgeted short film. Check out my portfolio to see my previous work at lukeflahertyprod.myportfolio.com

VENGEANCE is a dark, tense short film thriller I've been working on
Would appreciate if you could check it out and give it a share! It's going to be awesome.

"Three teens, Jack, Molly and Finn are chilling in a car park late one night. Hungry and without money they decide 'a way' to be to afford their late night pizza. Just before they leave they're stopped...three loud metallic bangs....there's somebody there...led by Jack they go to explore...

A gruesome scene follows, all three have been stabbed. Only one makes it out alive.

The Film follows the remaining survivor as something much more sinister than a random attack has taken place. A meticulously thought out revenge plan...but a teenager can't hide their secrets forever. Can a mother at rock-bottom put the pieces together, and how will she react when she faces the toughest choice she'll ever have to make...

VENGEANCE is a fast-paced, plot-twist filled thriller. It will keep you on the edge of your seats until the final scene."