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    Keyboard - Crowdfunding

    Hello chat,

    I would like to show you a keyboard with an innovative layout that I have built myself, I am on it since 2016.

    I finished its layout, 3D design, drivers, electronic and its device software (aka gaming software).

    Its layout is optimized for all kind of keyboard users:
    - Typists (chat)
    - Gamers (The accent bar can be detected by video games, so 3 action bars in total)
    - Desktop/internet users
    - Programmers

    To see it, go to Channel Feed, you will find 3 links:
    - Keyboard layout
    - Video description (better resolution)
    - Text description

    The number of keys moved between:
    QWERTY and AZERTY is 6: Q W A M Z ,?
    QWERTY and ZYERT is 6: Q W Y P Z ,<
    AZERTY and ZYERT is 8: A Z Y P Q M ,? ;.

    Hope you like it.

    By the way I hear a lot of people hate flexible goal, why ? I don't understand.

    Should I put fixed goal ?
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