Chicca Jump is an Arcade Adventure video-game in 2D art style, inspired by Doodle Jump and Angry Birds but the way to play is totally different. It is currently in development for Android and iOS.

So far, Chicca Jump has been developed to the stage that players can play adventure mode. This allows us to showcase different levels of the game with fine and smooth experiences, including game mechanics, enemies, and its features.
However, the 1vs1 mode and betting system are not released due to the lack of resources. Campaign mode is in developing stage which we are working on map designing, bosses, NPCs, items and Chiccaís skills.

Chicca Jumpís next steps are down to our hand and ready to be taken into action. Thatís why we need to focus on development stage and the most important part is that we could make Chicca Jump our full-time job, so we could release the full version as soon as possible and take the game to its full potentials

Making Chicca Jump is quite fun but challenging, and now it comes to the stage that it will only be possible with your support. You have the power to bring Chicca Jump into real life.

Letís make this campaign alive!