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    Your crowdfunding description is one of the first things that people will see when they arrive on your crowdfunding campaign.

    So the information to be included in a crowdfunding campaign should be well-written and free of errors.

    If I describe it in a shortly manner then your crowdfunding information should cover cause,project,person and reason for raising money.

    Let me explain you in an easy way which information you must put in your crowdfunding campaign.

    -> Overview About Your Project - You can explain a short description about your project with specific details. You can write about 300–500 words on overview of your project.

    You can include points like

    -> explaining the general issue

    -> discuss the solutions that your organisation is currently developing and how they will help solve the problem.

    -> offer links to more information about the program.

    -> Share A Story - This is a place where you can describe about your product starting from basic idea which had emerged in your mind about product.

    This is the most important place where your potential funders will know how your product or business idea can benefit them.

    Share some idea like

    -> who you are,

    -> what you’re planning to do,

    -> where the project idea came from,

    -> what your budget is

    -> why you’re passionate about it.

    By putting all this information helps to prove the legitimacy and credibility of your project.

    -> Make A Video - Same information which I had mentioned in Story for that you can prepare a great video pitch and keep it in with your story telling pitch.

    Make sure the video quality is crystal clear, your story is compelling, and your product shines.

    Your should take care and include certain points while preparing video

    -> speak clearly

    -> outlining the concept and the benefits of your product

    -> demonstrating exactly how it works

    -> Finally, talk about why the product is unique

    By including a high compelling video pitch in your crowdfunding campaign will help reveal your story and connect the audience to your campaign.

    -> Great Rewards - Beyond the contribution, other important part which attracts more contributors to your campaign is REWARDS.

    People will back your project if they think your rewards structure a wothwhile and effective.

    Be realistic in planning and framing the rewards. You need to plan and decide which type of reward you want to keep and offer which can attract more contributors to your campaign.

    -> Your Funding Goal - This is the point in which you need to think about how much money you need to get your business up and running, and how many people you know might be willing to pledge.

    Decide whether you want “all or nothing” type model Or you get to keep the funding regardless of whether you reach your goal.

    Also keep in mind that you can’t change your funding goal once you’ve initiated the campaign.

    So above explained are some core information which must have in your crowdfunding campaign to get success and funded easily.

    Hope this answer might help you in preparing your own crowdfunding campaign easily.

    Famous crowdfunding software like FundraisingScript allows all such type of metrics and fields to collect all information from the campaign owner which can get more visitors to the campaigns.

    a Hidden Content solution.

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    Hi Everyone!

    I have just started my first ever Kickstarter campaign 25 days ago and it is starting off extremely slow. I have only raised 1.4% of my funds and am currently using Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing and haven't seen much change yet. I am really very worried about our campaign? Also, what other marketing services are there to have a good ROI.

    Here is my campaign:

    I have already reached out to friends, family and colleagues, I have reached out. I don't have much family and colleagues that I keep in contact with and I have only had a couple of friends actually help support. I’ll keep sending out messages and posting on my social media, but I think I need another alternative besides relying on friends, family and colleagues.

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    Great info. I love all the posts, I really enjoyed, I would like more information about this, because it is very nice., Thanks for sharing.

    Cat Mario

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    Helpfull, Good luck

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    According to research you should focus primarily on your project description and on communicating regularly with your community of followers.

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