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    Greetings, I'm The 9th Hermit

    Greetings to all, I'm F.A.R.O. The 9th Hermit.

    I like to create games of all kind, board games, card games, video games, and even physical games. Since I was a child I have had an overactive mind and the school was so boring that I started to create mini games with school supplies. That made me kind of popular with my friends but not so much with my teachers because they said that it distracted the students.

    It was difficult, if you have an overactive mind you can't turn the switch off, even the smallest thing, makes you create unexpected stories. And then when you back to the reallity you completly missed everything that had just happen (that's include what your teacher, boss or friend just said to you).

    I also like to make good things, things that when I see them I feel happy with the result. When I create something, I wish to start from zero, only with a blank paper and a pencil, otherwise my conscience begins to not stop talking.

    I came to this forum because I want to promote my projects,and I hope I could bring somehow happy moments to the people. Right now I'm crossing really hard times that I decided to write these lines to ask your help.

    My recent project campaing, is "HoneyBees", my easiest game, but not for that is simple, it is a good game, entertaining for all ages, if you want to have a look or just simple curiosity just google it. I put my heart doing the campaing and intro video, unfortunately is far from his goal, and the goal is not high I think, it's just what I need to make it truth.

    If you can help me with anything, and that includes comments, doubts, suggestions, or any thought that cross your mind when you see it, I'll be very grateful with you.

    Thank you for reading this, wish you all a good life and happy moments.

    The 9th Hermit

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    Hello, we run a reward crowdfunding platform and if you're looking to market your game for funding then we'd be glad to work with you on that.

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    Welcome to the forums, fellow gamer!

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