Good day, people.

I already posted in the Patreon section but I think it's not working and my situation went wrongly to the edge.

I live in Venezuela and I recently started a Patreon page, I received my first pay from the supporters and with the money I bought paint colors and brushes to continue my work, but I bought food and gave money to my mother so she could pay some of the medical tests she needs for the operation.

For now I have 3 pledgers, $13 monthly.

As you might know, in Venezuela is currently happening an economical and humanitarian crisis. Venezuela's inflation it's the highest in the world. The minimum salary isn't enough at all, and the government keep mocking of us.
This is the only country in the Earth in which you're millionaire and you're poor. Yes, we could have millions, but those millions doesn't reach anything useful, not even a good food supplement.

My mother's name is Sórida Durán, she's 47 and she survived breast cancer three years ago. But this week, exactly the Monday 4th, she received the results of a biopsy, these results are alarming and terrible news, as you may intuitively understand.

I'm 19 years old. I don't work because I study all day, I don't have time enough. I found I could get a monetary policy from Patreon, by showing my artwork.
Please, visit my page:

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I'll be grated if you leave replies, and I will send you one of my paintings if you pledge me.

Ask me anything you want to ask.