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    (gofundme) pacificcresttrail-ein-lebenstraum

    my name is Thomas and Im from cologne, germany. My english is not the best but Ill try to make you understand the purpose of my thread.

    Im a survivor...that means I was a rape victim...I say WAS because I no longer want to give the abuser that much power over me... I don`t want to be a victim anymore.

    Mentally Im still suffering from what happened back then...depression, socialphobia and so on:///
    over the last yers I learned that in the outdoors there is the only place where I feel free, where is no fear, no depression...

    maybe 10 years ago I heard about the pacific crest trail for the first time...and over the years i researched, red and watched movies about it...and I fell in love with the trail...a dream got bigger and bigger...and now would be the perfect time to make it real!!!

    Its a once in a lifetime adventure...its self therapy...its the quest to find myself find my purpose in this the live again!!!

    because I havent really lived for nearly 30 years((((

    Please help me...please support have a life again:-)))

    all the best from cologne, germany


    heres the link to the site:
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