Hello! I have worked in social media for 12 years, and helped multiple companies with crowdfunding campaigns. I joined today, to help support and promote campaigns, as well as for myself. I recently left my life and career behind to move into a sobriety house near family. Just celebrated my 60 days free from alcohol addiction! However, itís wrecked my life financially. Recently friends of mine created a gofundme page to help pay for basic necessities & try to avoid bankruptcy, as I start rebuilding my life. In my sobriety house, youíre unable to work for 30 days (to focus on recovery), and unable to use social platforms - FB, Instagram, Twitter and the like. I thought that joining this forum might be a way to give back to others, using my decade of experience in marketing, social media, forums and crowdfunding, while hopefully finding a way to promote the campaign that friends created for me, as well. Iíve missed having a forum family & am excited to be a part of your community. Please let me know if I can lend any insight & thanks for letting me be a part of this community!