Hi forums! I recently left behind my life in San Francisco & a 10+ year career in Social Media, Marketing, forum management & crowdfunding, to join a sobriety house for women. I just celebrated my 60 days of sobriety from alcohol addiction, Monday. In making this move, I have found myself in a wreck of a financial situation; I had to break my lease in California (resulting in owing rent each month until my apartment complex finds a tenant, which they have not done yet). I have paid the past two months with the last of my savings, and now, completely out of financial resources, are behind for last months rent ($1685/month- oof. California prices....). In my sobriety house, we are unable to work for 30 days (a requirement to focus on recovery), and not allowed social media sites (FB, Twitter, Instagram) as some women have relapsed due to connecting with dealers through these platforms. I started a housekeeping job, which resulted in a broken toe- a stress fracture- putting me in a boot on crutches. As a result, I lost my job. Iíve been walking for a few days in my boot without crutches, and interviewing this week with three minimum wage jobs (living in the hill country in Texas, I havenít been able to find anything that lines up with my career yet, but Iím applying for anything I can find & remaining humble).
My friends in sobriety have put together a GoFundMe campaign to help acquire a vehicle, pay the rent owed this past month, and take care of basic necessities (leaving most everything behind to come here, I am in need of clothes, shoes, toiletries, recovery literature and the like). Theyíve been trying to get it out on social media channels since Iím unable to use social platforms. Iím using their email address for the GoFundMe page today, to reach out to this community for help- contributions, thoughts / prayers, or help sharing it online.
I know there are so many in need and so many campaigns out there, and sincerely thank yíall for taking the time to read my story.


KH & Team Krista Recovery