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    Cool My success Kickstarter story

    Hello, hello!

    This is not a success story, but it is going to be in a few days.

    We left our jobs a few months ago and we started this big project: unmemory, an innovative proposal of interactive fiction that immerses you in the story through a masterful mix of puzle and reading. Unmemory is a mystery adventure game that you can read. Or a thriller novel you can play.

    Do you want to play?

    Discover more and let us know what you think about it:

    Thanks you!

    unmemory team

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    Hey Unmemory,

    Congrats! Looks like a great idea. Would love some tips on our campaign! We offer sweat-proof dress shirts, utilizing a patent-pending patch design. Would love to get some input! Thank you.

    -David Schwartzberg
    David Hyde Apparel

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