Hey guys!

Project creator here. Crowdfunding is all about the community and part of which is about helping each other out. I know how difficult it is to do that if you have limited budget. Same here. I'll start by lending a hand to those who are interested in getting their projects tweeted out. I have about 14,000 Twitter followers. It might be helpful, but certainly no guarantee! Just helping out.

I'm only offering this to project CREATORS (with a campaign running or about to start) and no others! If you are interested please include your project link in the reply. I will share a few to several projects per day.

My Twitter is DESIGN@Funmodity.

I am also running my own campaign at: https://kck.st/2tUtsxh. If you are into EDC, pens, fidget or machined tools, definitely check it out! Not required but please share it if you can. We are all trying to help each out

Projects I won't be able to help/tweet: https://www.kickstarter.com/rules/prohibited